Battery Protector (T4)

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Battery Protector (T4)
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Product Description

Battery Prog Brain (T4) is an innovative and affordable accessory that installs on any battery to ensure you will always have enough power to start your motor. It is the ideal solution for any vehicle/boat by protecting expensive electronics and devices as well. Using unique micro-technology the Battery Protector continually monitors the battery power disconnecting the battery from the electrical system at a predetermined level. This model offers manual or wired push button reconnection by simply lifting the hood to press the button or on the wired switch mounted wherever you choose. All power reconnects then start your vehicle safely without great downtime or expense. On this model the system also can act as a anti-theft device, simply disconnect when you leave your vehicle and it can not be hot-wired. Identify issues before they become a problem by knowing when a power drain has occurred. Complete power drains shorten the life of any battery. It can happen in any clima te, in hot or cold weather. Battery Brain is wholly owned by Smart Energy Solutions, Inc., a public company that manufactures in Israel, China and Italy and products are fully supported by customer service technicians. The installation process is easy for the owner or a qualified service technician with multiple mounting configurations possible for each model. All hardware required for optional mounts is included, the only tools required are wrench and screwdriver. This model is for 6V- 24V SINGLE battery vehicles/ boats and features a wired push button to allow dash mount (offering anti-theft function) and manual reconnection for back up.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #17116 in Automotive
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Battery Prog Brain
  • Model: T4


  • Don't ever get stranded because of a dead battery - in all cars, all makes and models, the Battery Prog Brain monitors your battery voltage automatically disconnecting the battery before it is completely drained
  • Ensure your vehicle always starts - Battery Prog Brain preserves enough charge to start your vehicle saving you downtime, inconvenience, and potential safety hazards
  • To reconnect the battery simply press the wired push button or lift the hood and press the button - start your vehicle and you are on your way
  • Fully draining a battery decreases its useful lifespan - the Battery Prog Brain extends battery life in all seasons and all conditions
  • Easily installs to any vehicle battery with multiple configuration options for every model and all of the necessary hardware is included for the mounting options, only tools required are wrench and screwdriver

Customer Reviews

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5Works, saves my battery from evil drains
By Alexander Komarov
This was my hacky solution for way-too-many untraceable drains in my truck. Now I just cut power when I park, and the battery reads the same when I come back. It even has provisions to wire up some accessories to continue to receive power and not lose settings, but right now I don't care - I no longer have to charge my battery every week!

OK so my usage is not typical for this device - it's meant to shut off automatically at 11.8V as a last resort, but I don't need to wait that long or keep my battery that low - I know it will get there in 4-5 days :)

Anyway, unit works as advertised, drains nothing when off, allows me to shut off the battery (hold button for 2 seconds) and to connect it back (just push the button). It probably shuts off automatically too, not tested. It comes with a good assortment of adapters for installations of most types - posts, screw terminals, etc - and even straight and 90 degree adapters for relocation should you have r oom shortage in your vehicle. Mine is in a Ram 2500 (V10) and mounted directly on top of the terminal, but I have the vertical space to hide small hybrids under the hood, If you don't, you can mount it on the side of the battery or even on the firewall with some creativity and possibly one short battery cable from a parts store.

You also get a fused wire for one accessory you may wish to leave permanently connected. The way it works is by connecting directly from the battery + terminal to the fuse socket for the circuit - you remove the fuse and insert a blade terminal in its place. Looks weird, but it's effective (and how else would you isolate a circuit?). I may hook up my PCM circuit that way, as right now I'm losing the trip meter each time I power off (not to mention a rough idle until the PCM figures out what it's doing).

Installation is fairly easy, but does require a bit of basic coordination, especially to pull wire to where you want the b utton. If you're not into pulling wire and drilling a hole to mount the button, get the type III and use the wireless remotes. In my case, I wanted absolutely no unnecessary electrical drains (even though apparently the type III only uses 3-5mA for the radio receiver).

In summary, it works, seems solid enough, and hopefully outlasts the car. For me, it saved me from hours of trying to trace drains, replacing partially failed components, etc - in other words, saved me money. Yay.

UPDATE (1.4 years later): I've been shutting off my battery for the night every day for 1.4 years, and today it refused to turn off. I thought the Battery Brain was dead, but after some investigation, my ground connection was rusty. Moral of this story: Unless you do what I do, you should periodically check that your Battery Brain can turn off - like a smoke alarm... if there is poor ground, it will not turn off. On the upside - the unit has held up to daily toggling qu ite well.

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5Great Product
By Alan Wright
Purchased due to mysteriou sovernight battery drain problem on BMW X5. I just use the T4 to turn off the battery remotely when the car is not in use. Has worke well for 2 months.

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5Saved me from being late to work.
By John White
Left lights on, pushed button, truck started, on time for work. Security feature also useful as it disables start up.