Schumacher IP-1875C Instant Power with Air Compressor

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Schumacher IP-1875C Instant Power with Air Compressor
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Product Description

Schumacher's line of portable power sources are powerful and versatile. With features and capabilities, like built-in air compressors, these power sources meet every need. A powerful, sealed, lead-acid battery drives the power to operate virtually anything from cellular phones and camcorders to electric coolers as well as bilge pumps. Every schumacher power source comes with a one-year limited warranty (90 days on battery). Now get all the power you need where you need it along with the added convenience of a hi-pressure air compressor. The 18 ampere hour battery will handle most, anything you throw at it and the compressor will never leave you flat. The jump start on/off switch completely shuts off the internal battery at the clamps for added safety, eliminating accidental shorting of clamps and battery drain. Reverse hookup protection safeguards car battery, computer and instant power from damage if the cables are connected to the wrong terminals. An audible alarm warning sounds when clamps are reversed or touched together. #4 gauge, 28 inch cables stay flexible in the coldest temperatures. Storage mounts for clamps keeps it safe for longer life. This unit is a must have for people who are on the go.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #15974 in Automotive
  • Brand: Schumacher
  • Model: IP-1875C
  • Dimensions: 12.38" h x 14.00" w x 8.50" l, 16.00 pounds


  • 12 volt DC power source with hi-pressure air compressor
  • Adjustable high-intensity beam spotlight
  • Safety features includes jump start power on/off switch and reverse hookup protection with audible alarm
  • Built-in charger for automatic charging of internal battery
  • Easy-to-read battery status LEDs display full power, 75 percent charged or 50 percent or less

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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5Starts a dead car in a second
By Behrooz
I had this jumper battery for a few months and I didn't use it until now that my friend's Saturn Vue V6 engine was not starting. I connected the clamps to his battery and the car started immediately. The battery status on this unit has 3 lights (red-yellow-green) and is very useful to know when to recharge it. It was on yellow status but it still could start several cars with ease. The air compressor and the flash light on the unit are also very useful. A very handy equipment for the price (when I bought it, it was $80)
I would recommend it.

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4good enough, but caution!
By nooffense
This combination air compressor/12vdc battery back-up has been in my possession for about one month and has not only successfully pumped up two half-flat auto tires, but seems to have accepted a fairly deep charge via a 120vac extension cord after each use. (I haven't tried recharging the internal battery from an auto battery yet.) Since this doesn't represent a very long-term or comprehensive review, I can only add that the air compressor seems robust if slow; a 10psi increase in tire pressure requiring about 2 minutes. The indicator lights, utility light, and psi guage all seem well-made, and the latter shows the actual pressure while operating, unlike cheaper gauges that only stabilize after shutting off the compressor. My only other concern/comment is that the battery cable clamps are always exposed, one on each side of the unit, and it would be possible to complete the circuit inadvertently if the unit fell into a puddle or was stored haphazardly around wire, since t he cable/battery disconnect switch doesn't seem to work and the cables are, therefore, always "live". I'm not sure if this is a serious health hazard, but it certainly increases the chance for a destructive short-circuit and I'd recommend checking the function of your disconnect switch before leaving the unit exposed around children.

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5Purchased it for my lawn tractors just in case but has been very useful
By Bruce Williams
I choose the Schumacher compressor package for it's price and features. I've been really surprised how much I have used it. It so handy that it allows me to better keep up with the tire pressure on my cars and I have used the jump start feature to get my neighbors car going and a car that was on a bridge where we couldn't turn around to use regular jumper cables. The compressor is a bit slow but it doesn't give up, even on SUV tires. One thing to note, the on board pressure gauge is not accurate at all (almost gave 4 stars for that but it has been to handy not to give it 5 stars).