SOLAR BA7 100-1200 CCA Electronic Battery and System Tester

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SOLAR BA7 100-1200 CCA Electronic Battery and System Tester
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Product Description

This 12V battery and system tester features an operating range of 7-15V and the capacity to test batteries rated between 100-1200 CCA. It adds the convenience of starting and charging system testing and offers quick assessment, providing both a numerical result and a pass/fail LED result. It is compatible with a wide range of battery types, including conventional, maintenance-free, AGM, gel cell and marine cranking deep cycle batteries.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1092 in Automotive
  • Brand: Clore Automotive
  • Model: BA7
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 2.00" h x 7.15" w x 10.25" l, .70 pounds


  • Test 12 volt batteries from 100-1200 CCA, operating range from 7-15V
  • Tests multiple battery types, including Conventional, AGM, Gel Cell, Spiral Wound and Deep Cycle Batteries (with a Starting Rating)
  • LED indication of battery and system pass or fail (as applicable), plus presents the derived reading for the battery tested
  • Easy to Use - Operator is guided through each step in the testing process
  • Bright 4 digit LED display is great for bright or low light settings

Customer Reviews

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5A Handy Tester For Your Automotive Toolbox
By Vivona
I needed to chase down a slow starting problem that only happened once in a while. I wanted to rule out the battery as the problem, but also needed to test the battery voltage drop during starting. Many digital multimeters have a "peak hold" feature that will hold the highest reading, but for starter testing you need to hold the reading of the lowest voltage measured during starting. The conductive CCA test of the Solar BA7 gave me the battery condition information I needed. The system test gave me the starter load voltage drop test I needed.

The Solar BA7 gets its operating voltage from the battery and indicates the no-load battery voltage when you connect its clips to the battery posts. You then can select the CCA test, enter in the battery's rated CCA, and get a reading of the actual CCA of the battery using a conductive test that sends a 1KHz sinewave through the battery to measure its internal resistance. Next, you switch to the SYSTEM test and crank the car. The BA7 will indicate and hold the lowest voltage reading obtained during starting and give you an "OK" or "FAIL" indication using LEDs. Then, as the engine is running you can advance to the charging test and see the battery voltage while the alternator is providing a charge. Once again, the BA7 gives you an LED indication of "OK" or "FAIL".

The BA7 is a handy tester to have for a quick test of your car's starting and charging system. It is simple enough for the non-technical person to use, but useful for the experienced tech to do troubleshooting. If you only need a one-time test, you can get that for free at many auto parts stores. But, if you are chasing down an intermittent problem, or want a battery system tester for your automotive toolbox, the BA7 is a good product to have.

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5Absolutely Great!
I've been in the auto repair business for over 25 years. I've seen just about every kind of tester there is. Some only a few hundred bucks, others in the thousands. All to test a car's battery and charging system. I am proud to announce that this tester does everything that is necessary to determine the battery and charging system's state of health for under 100 bucks. It's all I use now. And it's been questioned repeatedly because of its diminutive size. Every challenger has found out by testing with their preferred tester that this one is always right. At this price I outta buy one for home as well.

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5quick, easy diagnostic tool
By Eric Dunn
Living in Maine and being on 24-7 call for fire EMS duties , I bought this as I was having some inconsistent battery issues with a 2000 Legacy. used this and found a marginal charging system which my old style tester didn't pick up. Checked out my other cars - all 6+ years old and found a marginal battery on one which I replaced before our last subzero cold snap. Easy to use with clear instruction--have to shade the screen in bright sun but otherwise very clear.