Stebel Nautilus Chrome Compact Motorcycle Air Horn

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Stebel Nautilus Chrome Compact Motorcycle Air Horn
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Product Description

The best and most important reason to upgrade the stock horn on your motorcycle is simple: safety. Riding around with cage drivers who are insulated from the road, with their music blaring and cell phones glued to their ears, you need a horn that cuts through all of that and gets their attention. The Stebel Nautilus air horn is a compact unit with big power; power to break through the distracting fog that most cagers live in. The horn is billed as the loudest available: 20 times as loud as factory horns with both high and low tones to really get into the driver's ears. Rated at 139 dB, it is loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss with sustained use, but is so compact a mounting place can be found on virtually any bike. The Stebel Nautilus air horn works on all modern 12-volt motorcycles and comes with a 30 amp relay. Since everything is built into one extremely compact unit this horn starts sounding instantly, without any delay - which is more than we can say about competing products. The Stebel Nautilus air horn is rated for 100,000 cycles which translates to years of reliable service, even in the least motorcycle friendly environment. Whether you drive a light sport bike or a heavy cruiser, the Stebel Nautilus air horn can be the difference between being noticed and being run off the road. Grab one today for the peace of mind you're looking for while you're out riding!

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #24981 in Automotive
  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: Stebel
  • Dimensions: 2.25 pounds


  • Beautiful Chrome Finish
  • Compact horn fits on almost anything

Customer Reviews

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4Ugly but effective
By TomS
I've read the other reviews that report breaking and other failure, but I installed this horn on a Harley Road King because I ride in heavy downtown traffic leaving work, and have frequently had vehicles change into my lane almost on top of me. After I installed this horn, problem solved! One tap of the button and I get immediate reaction from drivers. I have had it on my ride for a year and a half with no problems. It's ugly, but I wouldn't be without it on city streets.

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3Good Sound - Cheap Construction
By East River Church
Great sound, very loud, but has "chrome plastic" "glued on" cover and no support for the horn, just the compressor. Vibration broke the horn loose from the compressor after a week of riding. Fixed the problem with some bailing wire. I like the sound but the construction is cheap. Unless you are familiar with electrical wiring I suggest you buy the kit to install the horn. This IS NOT a plug and play horn.

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5Stebel Air Horn
By R. Collins
I installed this on my sportbike cause a wanted something loader and more manly. I got it when I bought this.
Easy to install and cars definately hear this thing....louder is better. Make sure you get the seperate wiring harness.